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‘Helping people access their Right to Health’

We believe that healthcare is the right of every individual. With 30% of Doctors serving the 70% of Urban Population in India, an imbalance has been created in the healthcare ecosystem. Today, India needs 82% more doctors in Government hospitals in rural areas. Health Care Workers are working towards serving the 70% of the remaining Indian population. The black hole in the healthcare ecosystem is to be filled in through an integrator, and ‘Technology’ is the integrator.

XpressCure is leveraging the ‘Technology’ to integrate Doctors and Health Care Workers on a common platform to reinstigate the balance in healthcare ecosystem. Our services include:


Digital Clinics

We aim to create a sustainable environment through our Self-Employment model for Health Care Workers, whom we call Doctor Mitra on our platform. Every Doctor Mitra with required degree, as specified in MCI Telemedicine Guidelines 2020, is eligible to open a Digital Clinic in his locality. Doctor Mitra retain the human touch during the online consultations of the patients with the Doctors. This Self-Employment model offers them a dignified social status.


Our specialists Doctors are here to serve the underserved patients. Our Doctors keep patients at the center of treatment. We provide services of experiences professionals from more than 20 specialities on our platform through online consultations. High quality video consultations create an empathetic environment for the Doctors. Doctors get an additional virtual clinic which is operational 24x7, anywhere, anytime.


Online Consultation

On an average rural patient travels about 40km to get a consultation done from a Doctor residing in the city. This is coupled with long waiting queues and huge consultation fees of the Doctors. XpressCure brings in consultation from a specialist Doctor, right to your premises. A rural patient can visit his closest Digital Clinic to get assistance during their consultation. An Urban patient can download the application and get an online consultation instantly. This platform offers access to Doctors on-demand, at affordable price.

Digital Branding

With Social Media being a boon, Doctors look up to Social Media platforms to connect to a larger patient base to serve millions. With the objective to support the Doctors in their efforts, XpressCure offers customized Social media content to Doctors across various platforms to help them reach millions of underserved patients.


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