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Welcome To XpressCure Terms Conditions Welcome To XpressCure Terms Conditions A. Healthworker 1. Introduction 1.1. These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern the relationship between the Healthworkers ("You," "Your"), XpressCure ("We," "Us," "Our"), pertaining to the use of the XpressCure company services and XpressClinic pertaining to the use of the consultation platform services. 1.2. By accessing and placing an order with XpressCure, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms of service contained in the Terms & Conditions outlined below. These terms apply to the entire website and any email or other type of communication between you and XpressCure. 1.3. Under no circumstances shall XpressCure team be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of data or profit, arising out of the use, or the inability to use, the materials on this site, even if XpressCure team or an authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If your use of materials from this site results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of equipment or data, you assume any costs thereof. 1.4. XpressCure will not be responsible for any outcome that may occur during the course of usage of our resources. We reserve the rights to change prices and revise the resources usage policy in any moment. 2. Registration and Verification 2.1. By installing the XpressClinic app and submitting your relevant credentials, including your degree, you attest to the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided. 2.2. We reserve the right to verify your credentials and reject your registration if any discrepancies or inaccuracies are found. 3. Consultation Booking and Subscription 3.1. Upon successful verification, you are authorized to book online consultations with Doctors for your patients through the XpressClinic platform. 3.2. You may choose to subscribe to a plan, which allows you to access discounted consultation fees and additional benefits, as outlined in the subscription details. 3.3. Subscription fees is non-refundable, regardless of the frequency or usage of consultations. 4. Consultation Process 4.1. We strive to provide access to Doctors within a short time frame. However, circumstances beyond our control, such as emergency cases, might cause delays in accessing a Doctor. 4.2. Consultation fees paid for Doctor appointments are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome or duration of the consultation. 5. E-Clinic Certificate Usage 5.1. The Healthworker acknowledges that as part of certain subscription plans, a certificate is provided by XpressCure for availing enhanced benefits on the XpressClinic platform. 5.2. The Healthworker agrees to use the Certificate exclusively for his/her own use as a registered Healthworker on the XpressClinic platform. 5.3. The Healthworker further agrees not to share, transfer, or use the Certificate on behalf of any other individual, including patients or non-registered Healthworkers. 5.4. Any unauthorized sharing or use of the Certificate by the Healthworker, including but not limited to sharing with unauthorized parties or patients, constitutes a breach of this contract. 5.5. In the event of any suspected or confirmed misuse of the Certificate, XpressCure reserves the right to take immediate actions, including but not limited to terminating the Healthworker's subscription, revoking the Certificate, and pursuing legal remedies as necessary. 5.6. The Healthworker acknowledges that the misuse of the Certificate may result in legal consequences, including claims for damages and legal action to recover losses incurred due to such misuse. 5.7. The Healthworker understands that adherence to this Certificate usage policy is essential to maintaining a fair and ethical relationship with XpressCure. 5.8. XpressCure reserves the right to modify or update the Certificate usage policy as necessary, and any changes will be communicated to the Healthworker. 6. Service Charge 6.1. As a Healthworker, you are eligible to earn service charges for each completed consultation, as per the terms of your subscription plan. 6.2. Rewards will be run by XpressCure on XpressClinic platform, on discretion of the company. The ownership of declaration of the rules and winner lies with XpressCure exclusively. 7. Confidentiality and Privacy 7.1. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of patient information and medical records in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 7.2. Our Privacy Policy governs the collection, use, and protection of personal and medical information. By using our services, you consent to the practices outlined in the Privacy Policy. 8. Termination 8.1. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the XpressClinic platform in case of breach of these Terms or any fraudulent activity. 9. Limitation of Liability 9.1. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from the use of the platform, including but not limited to delays, technical issues, or medical outcomes. 10. Modification of Terms 10.1. We reserve the right to modify or update these Terms at any time. Changes will be communicated through the platform, and your continued use of the platform constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms. 11. Governing Law 11.1. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any disputes arising from these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Lucknow court (in Uttar Pradesh, India).

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